The Wardens

The Rocky Mountain-based band’s stories and songs rise from the very land they’ve protected
as Canadian national park wardens. With haunting three-part harmonies and chilling tales, the
band’s mountain music – blending folk, roots and western styles – reflects Canada’s protected
wilderness areas. Celebrating the return of wild buffalo, wrangling grizzly bears, lonely nights
on the packtrail and reflecting on an environmental in crisis, a performance by The Wardens
has been dubbed “the quintessential mountain-culture concert experience.”
Following the 2021 release of their third full-length album Sold Out at the Ironwood, band
member Ray Schmidt was nominated Traditional Singer of the Year by the Canadian Fold Music
Awards. The band has also received numerous regional nominations including 2022 Touring
Artist of the Year by the BC Touring Council and Album of the Year by Country Music Alberta.
“The Wardens have an enviable live reputation…and are able to bring a modern take on a
timeless musical tradition.” – Martin Johnson: AmericanaUK 2022

January 24 @ 19:00
7:00 pm

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