Rob Quist with Halladay Quist and Clara Wieck

Rob Quist brings lead vocals, banjo, and guitar to the stage and is lead singer and songwriter of
such seminal groups as Mission Mountain Wood Band, The Montana Band, and Rob Quist &
Great Northern. His ode to rural living “Close to the Land”, recorded by Michael Martin
Murphey, was awarded Song of the Year at the Texas Music Awards, and featured on the
Grammy nominated bluegrass album by Murphey. Rob has released several CDs, appeared on
national TV numerous times, toured extensively to Japan, Europe and the US, is a published
poet, and was inducted into the University of Montana School of Fine Arts Hall of Honors, which
recognized him as “one of its greats”. Most recently, Rob has been inducted to the Montana
Music Hall of Fame and awarded the Governor’s Award in the Arts.
“A celebrated Montana musician and composer who has captured the spirit of the West in his
music, an evocative and versatile artist whose gift of song has touched the hearts and souls of
his countrymen, an eloquent proponent of the history and beauty of the West whose legacy in
song will be embraced by generations to follow.” –University of Montana, Hall of Honors

November 1 @ 19:00
7:00 pm

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